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Do you think it is right to design and alter animal genes for human purposes or to play god? viagra no prescription What kinds of measures or programs can be proposed to help prevent heart disease in the first place? Ask members representing waiting heart disease patients: how do you feel about substitute heart transplantation? If you had to choose, which would you prefer, an artificial or animal heart transplant? Why? What do you think the government and medical and science establishment should do now to improve this situation in the future? Ask members of the public: do you support the pursuit and development of substitute heart transplants? Why or why not? http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-cheap-viagra-online-no-rx-yl/ Which field of development do you think should be pursued, artificial or animal transplantation? viagra sales mail Why? viagra for sale Consider the dangers of animal transplants. What other avenues should be considered to meet the need for heart transplants? (accept all responses and encourage students to support their feelings and views. get viagra prescription yahoo ) teachers note: if you are dividing this lesson into two classes, this would be a good place to end the first part of the lesson. viagra pills take Electric heart if appropriate, briefly review what students learned and discussed in the first part of this lesson. cheap generic viagra Then, have them read through and participate in the following areas of nova online’s electric heart site. Amazing heart facts after reading this list, have students activate the "see the valves in action" link at the end of the page, which will lead them to the animated map of the human heart, highlighting the anatomy and how blood flows through the heart. Ask these and other questions about the reading. Note: depending on your teaching goals and the level of your students, you may ask harder and more specific technical questions about the anatomy and operations of the heart than the ones suggested below. Answers to the questions can be found on your class discussion teacher sheet. What kinds of things did you learn from the amazing heart facts reading? viagra cost rupees Which facts did you find most interesting or enlightening? viagra cost rupees Why? What is the first step in how the heart moves blood? viagra online 50mg Second? Third? Etc. What are the benefits of knowing these facts about the heart and how it works? Treating a sick heart this book excerpt explores the nature and causes of heart disease and current medical techniques to alleviate them (which is consistent with the benchmark focus of this lesson). viagra online Encourage students to. youtube/chanson du viagra Grata pela compreensão,
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