Paranasal sinus tumor overview your nasal cavity is right behind your nose. buy generic viagra This is the space that air passes through to reach your throat. "paranasal" means around the nose. Your paranasal sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones surrounding your nose. These sinuses have a lining that is full of mucus. order viagra This is the moisture that keeps your nose from drying out when you breathe. It is possible to develop a malignant tumor either inside your nose or in the paranasal cavities. When this happens, it’s known as nasal cavity or paranasal cancer. viagra 5 mg filmtabletten These types of cancer are not common. Usually only about 2,000 cases are diagnosed each year in the u. S. When nasal cavity or paranasal sinus cancer does occur, it happens more often in men. It also most often affects people between 45 and 85 years. generic viagra without prescription The most common kind of paranasal cavity is cancer of the maxillary sinus. This sinus cavity is in your cheekbones. Diagnosis your doctor will conduct an examination of your nose, face and neck. He or she will also examine your whole body for general healthiness. Your nose will be examined for abnormal areas and your face and neck will be checked for lymph nodes that are swollen. Your doctor will also probably order an x-ray of your head, neck and chest. viagra young men He or she will use a nasoscope to check the inside of your nose. generic viagra This is a thin, tube-like device. It has a light and a tool to remove samples. These tissue samples will then be checked for cancer through a biopsy. Symptoms the main signs of paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer are nosebleeds and chronic sinus problems. However, keep in mind that many other conditions have the same symptoms. viagra pills europe   blocked sinuses sinus pressure headache sinus pain runny nose nosebleeds facial numbness or tingling double vision or other vision problems pain in your upper teeth loose teeth or change in how your dentures fit pain or pressure in your ear in addition, you should watch for a lump or sore that doesn’t heal: inside your nose on your face on the roof of your mouth treatment treatment options will depend on exactly where the tumor is and whether it has spread. Unfortunately, some symptoms of the tumors (such as nosebleeds and sinus headaches) are symptoms of more common conditions. viagra with grapefruit That makes diagnosis more difficult. viagra canada Often by the time the cancer is diagnosed it has spread. buy generic viagra online Risk factors exposure to chemicals or dust at work. free viagra trials People especially at risk are those who work in fu.






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